Ergonomics Europe is a business unit of the Zurich computer science company Ergonomics AG.


Ergonomics Europe distributes hardware and software products from leading manufacturers of cyber security solutions in the EMEA region.

Cyber Security Solutions and Components

Ergonomics Europe distributes products of leading manufacturers of cyber security systems and solutions across EMEA.

Key Products & Solutions

AirID2 - Bluetooth Smart Card Reader von certgate

The AirID2 unites card reader and visual badge holder in one. It protects the data transfer and connects wirelessly using the latest Bluetooth low-energy technology. This allows now certificate-based login for a wide range of devices.

The Bluetooth reader supports end-user devices such as Microsoft Surface as well as Android and iOS based smartphones and tablets.



Professional Solution for Currency Exchange at the Counter

  • Different versions for any forex application
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Flexible reporting
  • Fulfills all compliance requirements


FIDO Token

Feitian has a complete offering of FIDO tokens.
Contact and contactless interfaces

  • USB
  • NFC
  • BLE


  • U2F
  • Smart Card PKI


Feitian OTP Token

The Feitian one-time password tokens c100 and c200 support any environment that is based on the open standard OATH. The token are reliable and cost efficient.

Supported OATH algorithms

  • TOTP
  • HOTP
  • OCRA


Bluetooth Smart Card Reader

Bluetooth smart card readers are perfect for mobile applications, where smart card security is required.

  • PKI authentication for Windows domain logon, e.g. on Surface tablets
  • Document signing on mobile devices (iOS, Android)
  • High level of security for secure mobile containers (SecurePIM)

We offer Bluetooth smart card readers in different form factors and versions.


Authentication Server - EAS

The Ergonomics Authentication Server EAS can be easily integrated into existing IT environments.

A robust, flexible and scaleable solution is the basis for a reliable strong authentication solution of end-users. The EAS Authentication Server is a proven solution for high volume requirements. 


Thales E-Security

Vormetric Data Encryption

Encryption of structured and unstructured data on almost all current operating environments. Negligible performance impact, small footprint.


Hardware Security Module

Thales/nCipher Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide cryptographic functions and protect keys and critical applications. Thales HSMs can be easily integrated into existing environments. Growing and changing compliance requirements can be met, since the Thales HSM platform is flexible and extensible.


We Love Facts

E-Banking users in the EU (% of individuals aged 16 to 74)
Source: Eurostat 2018
Mobile banking use is increasing across all age groups in Europe
Source: Visa Digital Payments Study, 2016


December 17, 2018
Ergonomics Offers the New AirID Card Reader by certgate
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November 28, 2017
IDEX partners with Feitian Technologies to advance biometric smart card deployment
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August 24, 2017
Thales’s newest advanced data security solutions achieve FIPS 140-2 certification
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June 27, 2017
Ergonomics Presents Thales/Vormetric at the Zürcher Tagung of the ISSS
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Ergonomics - expect more!

Our cyber security solutions are key building blocks for effective protection and meeting compliance requirements.


Ergonomics Europe has over 10 years experience in IT distribution.

Reseller Partners

We stand for successful and long-term relationships with qualified resellers in different countries.


Our cyber security portfolio is based on products of proven manufacturers and established products.

About us

Ergonomics Europe is a business unit of the Zurich computer science company Ergonomics AG. Ergonomics Europe distributes hardware and software products from leading security vendors across EMEA.


Ergonomics Europe is managed by Dipl.-Ing. Leif Hager, who has been successfully involved in this business since 2000. The qualified partner / reseller and system integrator network distributes the range of innovative products and solutions to end customers.


The end customers’ business areas are primarily of finance, insurance and governments. We serve medium-sized companies to large companies, thanks to our many years of experience with market-leading solutions from our suppliers.


The website of Ergonomics Switzerland can be found at

Forward Thinking IT Solutions

Today's information technology with its tasks presents many companies with new challenges every day. When it comes to managing them efficiently and successfully, an experienced partner is indispensable.

As your partner, we always think one step ahead and develop a Forward Thinking Cyber Security Solution!

Our Services

Gain sustainable competitive advantages:
Our solutions enable you to increase your company's productivity and better meet the needs of your customers.

Strong Authentication

As a distributor, Ergonomics Europe offers products and solutions for strong authentication and data encryption. This includes security solutions for remote access, e-banking, mobile services, as well as data encryption.

Know-how and Experience

Individual solutions require extended product knowledge, especially at the distributor. The experienced team at Ergonomics Europe has been managing large projects with unique requirements for many years and is therefore able to offer even unusual solutions at fair prices.

Bespoke Solutions

Not all requirements can be solved with standard products from a product range - this is especially true for convergence solutions between IT access and physical access. If necessary, Ergonomics Europe can rely on an established and proven network of consulting firms, implementation specialists and project managers

We have established global partnerships designed to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

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